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Clean My Room

This Game Prototype was a fun project that I decided to build for my niece so she could see how cleaning her room could be fun and not a stressful chore.

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Chemo Cure

This is a short story that I am working on and it is about a Kid who can cure a well known disease that's been haunting our community for decades. His dad has the disease and his mom has superpowers. This story idea came to me from real situations and scenarios but I add superpowers to it to make it more Enjoyable instead of a sad story/Funny.

Cookie Escape

My Short Story Interactive Game. ENJOY!!!

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The Apartment

This is an Apartment Plan with Furniture that I made Replica to my Childhood Apartment didn't put much focus on the Aspect than Replicating the furniture and the memories I had inside with the Family. (Download the file, it includes Windows and Mac copy to test it around.)

Projects: Files
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