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Spaceship on Alien Planet

Little About Me

 My Name is Ibrahim Sanduqah; I was born in the Middle East and lived most of my life there, but I am originally from Palestine, meaning I speak Two languages and am Learning Spanish at the moment as a hobby. My Career path was more into the Sales field, and I have been promoted many times in each company I worked in. Using my skills and the skills I discovered along the way have taken me to different places in my career path; I built myself up and, with my team's help, kept my Success on the highest levels in each position. 

 However, I always had the passions for developing video games and ever since i've been working and studying to become a game developer because creating something and making it alive makes you feel alive. So I decided to continue my education, and nowhere can be better than the game industry and the Game Dev Degree than the States. The cheer and the smiles on people's faces when they play a game you created, or a story you are telling through a game you built is priceless.

  So, I worked on traveling overseas to the states and studied the program I dreamed of, game development. Gladly, I got accepted and graduated with my Associate in Simulation and Game Development Degree from CPCC in Charlotte, NC, in 2020. I am now pursuing my Bachelor's at SNHU in Manchester, NH. I am so excited to see the things that I will be creating. I did some projects with the school, attended events, and made a lot of great connections. I worked on a few different projects besides my class projects. I worked with the college to create a multiple-choice game, an interactive story, different 3D models, and a Pilot of a video game for mobile; I am improving the Pilot for my personal experience on PC to test my skills. 

 Also, Music is a thing that I enjoy as well. I like to mash up songs together in my head and play some instruments for fun. There is a lot to know about me, but meeting me will tell you much more!

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